2 439 000* uah
97 000 $ (1$=25.14 uah)
87 900 € (1€=27.75 uah )

View apartment in an elite residential complex of business class residential complex "Solar Riviera". The apartment for finishing, is equipped with the CLAP smart home system, which monitors the comfortable temperature in the room and the safety of the home. Apartment in the second house, good layout. Near the beautiful embankment of the Dnieper, a green zone, to the center 5 minutes by car across the bridge, metro station "Levoberezhnaya", near the shopping center Komod, Novus.

H = 3m, walls - red brick 250 mm - 38 mm with insulation on the outside, lifts - the company Schindler, heating system - centralized with an apartment wiring

updated: 02.12.2019

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