3 672 000* uah
135 000 $ (1$=27.2 uah)
120 000 € (1€=30.7 uah )

Apartment in a new house, 8-9 floor, not corner, with a beautiful view of the Temple. The tension on the floor, the walls under the stick, completely replaced the wiring, bathrooms with repair, air conditioners, tension ceilings. One of the rooms on the second floor with the calculation of the division for 2 children.

RC «Crystal Springs» is located between the garden complex «Feofaniya» and Khotov Forest in the ecologically clean zone of Kiev. Nearby holy places (temple of St. Panteleimon), healing springs, lakes, landscape park? Supermarket "Fora", st.M "Exhibition Center" -8 minutes, bus stop 8-10 minutes on foot, school in hiking

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