Miskiv Oleksii

Miskiv Oleksii
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Our company is grateful and recommends the leading consultant of the Vvedensky branch of the Academy "Blagovest", Alexey Vladimirovich Miskyva, for his help in finding the office space. He reacted responsibly to the solution of a professional task that was performed promptly, efficiently and on time. The distinguishing features of Alexey Vladimirovich are high professionalism, competent organization of negotiations and the work of all parties. Director of the CE PJSC "Donbassenergo" GNI Research Institute "Teploelektroproekt" R.P. Serdyukov.
Feedback about cooperation with the consultant of "Blagovist" company You can send to the address feedback@blagovist.ua We wish you fruitful cooperation!
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