163 000* uah/mon
5 760 $ (1$=28.3 uah)
4 740 € (1€=34.4 uah )

H-Tower is a unique home concept for those whose lifestyle combines the pursuit of luxury and freedom. The unique style of your personal residence is now complemented by exceptional service from the world's best hotel operator. H-Tower is the new LUXURY standard. Located in the heart of Kiev - on Shevchenko Boulevard, in a prestigious quarter, among government buildings, ministries and embassy residences. Elite apartments with high-quality repair, all necessary furniture, appliances.

VIP-level house, located in one of the most prestigious places in the capital, all the windows offer a chic city view, 24-hour service, huge parking, restaurants, swimming pool, beauty salons.

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updated: 23.01.2021

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