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Expert assessment of real estate

When making any real estate transaction, it is important to make correct and relevant assessment of the property. However, the assessment process itself is complex. First, the appraiser must have a thorough understanding of the current conjuncture and trends of the capital real estate market in general. Second, he/she should be able to see and accurately assess individual characteristics of each particular property, such as degree of deterioration of premises, cost of the repair works made and many other factors. Third, it is vital to know modern legislative framework regarding real estate assessment and transactions, and also to monitor all changes in the market.

In the Blagovist real estate agency there are subject-matter experts with long practical experience, who keep up-to-date with the situation in the real estate market in Kyiv. A certified appraiser of our agency is ready to make a professional assessment of market, consumer, investment and insurance value of any property for you. Turning to us, you can be sure that your apartment, house, cottage or commercial real estate will be assessed quickly, accurately and professionally.

Certificate of the subject of assessment activity No.14145 / 13, issue date: January 2, 2013. Contact telephones: +380 (44) 537-07-07; +380 (50) 444-26-60 - Ruslana Andronikova

Full legal support of a transaction

Competent legal support of real estate transactions is a guaranty of your confidence and security in your future. Highly qualified specialists of the legal department of Blagovist real estate agency are experts in the field of real estate and they can to help you in solving any issues related to the purchase, sale or lease of an apartment or other property.

Each customer of our company, who want to buy, sell or lease real estate, can count on legal advice and full legal support of such transactions. One of the distinguishing features of the work of Blagovist real estate agency is constant monitoring of changes in the Ukrainian legislation, thus, all legal documents used by our company always meet the latest requirements of the domestic legislation.

In addition, recommendations of experienced lawyers and other services are carried out taking into account specifics of each transaction, which guarantees you legal literacy.

Translation services

If your foreign clients or partners need to buy or lease an apartment, house or office in Kyiv, you can always recommend them to contact Blagovist real estate agency. We are ready to provide professional services to all our foreign customers, regardless the language they speak.

Conclusion of contracts for services with sellers

A special pride of our company is an individual work with the sellers, who conclude an agreement on provision of services with Blagovist real estate agency, providing for the Agency to conduct real estate operations.

Working in full compliance with the European standards of the real estate business, we always strive for establishing close and trustful relationships with our customers. Therefore, by signing a corresponding agreement with our agency, you can be sure that full scope of quality services will be provided.


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