VIP advertisement

Blagovist real estate agency constantly introduces modern and highly effective methods of advertising and promotion of real estate.

Virtual tours – allow you to wander around any apartment or house you like, examine all the details of the interior and see property location on the Google map.

Our customers can watch videos, voiced by a professional announcer, on and, as well as on Blagovist YouTube channel.

Each customer of Blagovist real estate agency can get this unique service that will accelerate search of potential buyers and lessees.

Expert assessment of real estate

When making any real estate transaction, it is very important to assess property adequately. The certified appraiser of our agency is ready to assess any property for you. Turning to us, you can be sure that your apartment, house, cottage or commercial property will be assessed quickly, accurately and professionally.

Online payment for services Blagovist Real Estate Agency

The client has the opportunity to pay online conveniently and safely for the services rendered to the Blagovist Real Estate Agency.

Price statistics

Price statistics of apartments in Kyiv is formed monthly on the basis of Blagovist real estate agency data.

B&B Franchising

One of the strategic areas of our company development is sale of the franchise of the Blagovist trademark.

We are interested in partners who can start an effective business in the field of intermediary services for buying, selling and leasing residential and commercial real estate, using an accumulated experience, strategy and tactics of Blagovist real estate market leader.


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