11 500 uah/mon
457 $ (1$=25.14 uah)
414 € (1€=27.75 uah )

The apartment is furnished, with a large double bed. Roomy: wardrobe, cabinets, storage. Balcony balcony in the kitchen. additional equipment is available at the request of the client. Territory under video surveillance. Concierge. The yard has recreation areas, playgrounds and playgrounds. Excellent transport interchange, within 10 minutes walking distance to Syrets metro station, 10 minutes by transport to Nivki metro station

"City of Flowers", the first stage, a new modern complex in an ecologically clean part of the city, a concierge, a closed fenced territory, "Syretsky Dendrological Park" and "Syretsky Hay", in walking distance to 10-15 minutes, 3 medical facilities, 6 children's preschool institutions, 5 secondary schools, specialized institutions (Children's School of Arts named after S.Turchak, Children and Youth Football School "Dynamo" named after V.Lobanovsky, Children and Youth Olympic Reserve School)

updated: 11.12.2019

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