71 400* uah/mon
3 000 $ (1$=23.8 uah)
2 700 € (1€=26.4 uah )

Two-level apartment with designer renovation in classic style. On the ground floor: Fireplace room, bedroom, office, kitchen and wc with a bath. On the second floor: three bedrooms, gym, sauna, dressing room, and wc. Conditioners. Decoration apartment.

The house of the "royal" era of 1917, has three parade entrances, its own courtyard - a well, 5 floors, located on the corner of the street Pirogov and B. Khmelnitsky. High ceilings H = 3.8 m. Overlappings are combined. Near the station M "University" and Art. M. "Golden Gate", all necessary infrastructure, parks, Botanical Garden them. Fomin

updated: 12.12.2019

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