Residential complex Lvivskyi maetok

  • class Comfort
  • location The residential complex «Lvivskiy maetok» is located in the village. Borshchagivska St., only 3 km from the capital. In this case, you will live in a quiet, environmentally friendly area only 15 minutes from the station. M "Akademmistechko" or "Teremky"
  • number-of-storeys 4, 6, 10 floors
  • construction-technology Monolithic frame technology
  • construction-material Brick
  • ceiling-height 2.7 m
  • adjoining-territory Spacious green area, many playgrounds and sports grounds, alleys
  • infrastructure There is everything you need for the comfort of the residents: your kindergarten "Levenyatko", a shopping center with underground parking, shops and restaurants, clinics and pharmacies, hairdressers, service stations and other public services
  • parking Underground parking, plenty of parking near the house
  • security Security, video surveillance
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