Residential complex Starokyivskyi

  • class Busines
  • location Starokievsky residential complex is located just 5 minutes walk from the Polytechnic Institute Metro Station, 600 meters from the National Polytechnic University Park and just a few steps from the city's main thoroughfare - Victory Avenue. It is not difficult to get to the complex by car or public transport. In addition, you can always stroll downtown, enjoy Kiev
  • number-of-storeys 19-23 floors
  • construction-technology Monolithic frame technology
  • construction-material Brick
  • ceiling-height 3 m
  • infrastructure The business life of the city is centered around your home: the city's office centers, conference rooms and other business complexes are nearby. Convenient Infrastructure for Families with Children There are no less options for a child's leisure, because there is a zoo and a circus nearby. The best higher education institutions are located nearby. Nearby shopping and entertainment centers: Cosmopolit, Marmalade, Ukraine and Smart Plaza Polytech
  • parking Two-level underground parking with exit on Starokievskaya and Kirilo-Mefodiyevskaya streets
  • transport-connection M Polytechnic Institute, Lukyanovskaya
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