Commercial property for sale non-residential premises Mel'nyka Andriia (Tupikova Henerala) st.

Commercial estate non-residential premises sale Mel'nyka Andriia (Tupikova Henerala) st. Kyiv
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Nonresidential premises 131 м², Mel'nyka Andriia (Tupikova Henerala) st., Kyiv

3 209 000* uah

79 000 $ (1$=40.62 uah)
72 400 € (1€=44.3 uah)
Non-residential premises with separate entrance, facade, parking, in good condition. can be used for...
Object Code: F-46211 Read more

Nonresidential premises 288 м², Mel'nyka Andriia (Tupikova Henerala) st., Kyiv

8 124 000* uah

200 000 $ (1$=40.62 uah)
183 000 € (1€=44.3 uah)
An office space is offered for sale. two separate entrances, first floor. the land is owned by the c...
Object Code: P-31322 Read more


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