Residential complex Avangard

  • class Comfort
  • location The complex is located in Holosiivskyi district, 10 minutes from the Exhibition Center metro station. Just a short walk - Holosiivskyi Park and shuttle bus stops that will take you downtown, to the bus station or to any other point in the capital. It is convenient to reach Avangard, both by public transport and by car
  • characteristics Avangard is a new construction technology and individual approach to the design of the building, more convenient and comfortable apartment planning, the possibility of redevelopment, silent elevators, heat and sound insulation, modern fire protection system, and engineering equipment
  • number-of-storeys 25 floors
  • construction-technology Monolithic frame technology
  • construction-material Brick
  • ceiling-height 2.7 m
  • infrastructure There are hospitals and pharmacies near many of the objects of social and cultural importance: shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and office centers. Families with children of all ages will have no problems choosing a daycare or school. And just as importantly, there are many extracurricular circles and studios in the area
  • parking Modern underground parking with convenient entry and exit
  • transport-connection M “Vystavkovyi Tsentr”
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